Thursday, March 27, 2014

Re: Easter Crafts

Our ladies group will be making decorated plastic Easter eggs and bunny pops at our next get together.

Here are some examples that I recently made as demos...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Re: Happy Birthday, Mom

Remembering My Mother

© Belinda Stotler
My Mother seems so far away from me,
On that beautiful white shore across the sea.
Yet I remember love’s soft glow upon her face,
And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.

When I am weary from the burdens I’ve borne,
And the path is unclear and I feel so forlorn,
I remember her loving support was always near,
And her advice made the path ahead seem clear.

When I feel there is no one who seems to care,
Or when the heartache seems too hard to bear,
I remember how she always stood by my side,
And would tenderly wipe away the tears I cried.

When there are moments of great joy and pride,
And I wish my Mother was standing at my side,
I remember she saw more than I thought I could be,
And know I owe my triumphs to her belief in me.

When I reminisce about the things she used to say, 
And I miss her and think she is so far away,
I remember what she gave lives on through me,
And one day I’ll see her on the shore across the sea.

Mom passed away on 3/25/2009.  If she were still alive she

would be celebrating her 90th birthday tomorrow on
March 24th. I think about her all the time and miss her so much...

                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM

Monday, February 10, 2014

Re: Loom Pets

Here are some of the pets that I make on my knifty knitter loom...
I have named them all.  The pink poodle is Princess, the blue poodle is
Duke and the white Poodle is Duchess.  The duck's name is Quackers,
the rabbit's name is Honey and the pig is named Veronica.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Re: The Day of Christmas

All the days of Christmas wear
Silvered snow and angel hair,
Carols chiming, colorful trees,
Moments of treasured memories.
The gleeful days of Christmas glow,
With merriment they overflow.
Up and down the thoroughfare
Lights sparkle like a solitaire.
The blessed days of Christmas bring
The birthday of a New Born King;
And now each year at Christmastime
We celebrate His birth sublime.

By Nora M. Bozerman

Monday, December 23, 2013

Etnic Angels

Here are some angels that I created from knee high stockings, styrofoam balls, yarn ball, coffee filters, beads, pipe cleaners, ribbon, flowers and empty cracker and cookie containers turned upside down...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Re: Norwegian Christmas Crafts

My friend, Dee in Norway always sends me some kits to put together for Christmas.

This year she sent me two.  I had a ball making the figurines below...